Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dappy - Rockstar

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Real Name: Costadinos Contostavlos

Age: 24

Genre: Grime/Hip Hop

3.11mins in - great mini-solo from Brian

Loving this new track from Dappy ft Brian May...YES BRIAN MAY(former Queen guitarist). Random collaboration but hey, that's Dappy for you, full of surprises! They are like chalk and cheese in the music world but this song is worth a listen for fans of either artist.

Cleverly named 'Rockstar' this track is a sure hit for fans of Dappy and it ties in nicely with the collaboration with such an amazing guitarist! It doesn't take away from what Dappy has done previously and true fans will like this duo. I like this rock inspired video with a smoke filled stage mixed with a contemporary house party, this portrayal of a slightly edgier image suits Dappy.

It is great to see two people from two different generations come together and produce something a variety of people will enjoy, young and old.

Brian with an amazing solo

I am totally in awe of Dappy since he went solo, he has really come into his own and made a very respectable name for himself within a whole new audience range. He is definitely opening up his target audience and allowing us to see the real Dappy and his very varied taste in music.

This is what Dappy wants and he has done well so far in this solo/separation period from N-Dubz and this is a great follow up from 'No Regrets'. Let's hope he can keep up the good work!

''What doesn't kill you makes you stronger''

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